Thursday, July 6, 2017

Cooking at school and at home

We have been very lucky to receive a donation of some ‘Little kitchen’ equipment for our kiwi hub children to take home. We also have a mixing set for each classroom. These items have been donated by the NZ Chefs Association, in the hope that it encourages children to join in with cooking and baking at home. Today we have tried out the mixing sets to make chocolate crackles as an end of term treat. We would love to see some photographs of your child using the set they received. Please let us know if you are willing to share your photos with the Chefs Association. We will be writing thank you letters in week 1 next term.

Junior Neighbourhood Support winners

Well done to the four winners from Room 12.

Each of these children were nominated for the Junior Neighbourhood Support awards. Each child had spent time during the term picking up rubbish from around the school, in their own time, without any prompting from staff.  Ka Pai!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Counting fun

In maths most children have mastered counting to 20 and many are working on counting to 50. Today, after a late and busy night at the concert, we had some fun practising our counting to 20 or 50 with dot-to dot activities. Joining the dots with a straight line proved to be tricky until we started using rulers to help. 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Basic facts fun.

With the recent Mathathon and our shop in the classroom we have been doing lots of work on basic facts. This week I put a box of magnetic numbers next to a whiteboard easel and put 2+2=4 on the top. I came back later and the children had independently added their own basic facts sentences! They love seeing how many they can make and many have been including subtraction problems as well. The activity has really caught on even though there was no guidance on my part at all- just a blank canvas and some numbers! There sure are a lot of great thinkers in Room 12! 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Room 12's shop.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us keep our class shop stocked with boxes, packets, bottles and containers. We have been having fun writing shopping lists, making 'money', designing  a wallet/purse to keep our 'money' in, pricing the 'stock' and of course selecting and paying for our purchases. We have been learning  about problem solving, playing cooperatively and had lots of opportunities to practice our basic facts. 

During maths today we chose some items from the shop and drew them in our maths journal, showing how we worked out the total price. The children were totally absorbed in this and kept selecting more and more items to  add together.

                                                                                                Great work everyone!

Monday, May 29, 2017

For Inquiry this term we are thinking about the design and production of our costumes for the school concert. This is a Technology unit that incorporates creativity and the idea of being fit for purpose: our costumes have to be fit for the purpose  so need certain attributes. This proved to be a bit tricky for the children to get their heads around so we took a little detour. 

We looked at the features of tissues and paper hand towels and what these features made them fit for. We had fun trying to use tissues to dry our hands and paper towels to blow our noses. Now we know what fit for purpose means!!

Today we had a chance to cuddle and pat Poppy the rabbit. She is only a baby and was a bit nervous about us all looking at her. She likes to eat spinach, parsley and lettuce as well as rabbit pellets. Thank you Jackson for sharing your new pet with us.