Friday, September 15, 2017

The finished products: Creation Station Fun #2!

After the dust had settled and the hot glue gun sticks had been used up here's what we had made...

 eclectic mix of robots, buses, trucks, castles, spaceships and of course unicorns!

Well done Room 12!

Creation Station fun!

What do you get when you mix the enthusiasm and creativity of 24 year one children with boxes, bottles, plastic tops and lids, pipe cleaners, tin foil, ribbon and string, cardboard tubes, sticks, scissors, glue and cellotape?

      ... a huge mess to clean up!
                                          and a lot of fun and learning!

First we made a plan of what we wanted to make and what we would need for our creation. Then we were let loose with our plan, in a class full of amazing things to cut, stack, wrap, stick, twist and colour.

We had lots of opportunities to practise problem solving, working together, sharing, adapting, modifying and thinking outside the square. It was also a chance to develop resilience as things didn't always go as we had planned or wanted!

Watch this space for the finished products!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Calendar art.

We have been working on our calendar art  and it is now all finished and up on display in our cloak bay. We didn't put it on our outside windows for you to view as we didn't want the sun fading all the beautiful bright colours before they were sent away. Come along before or after school and check our amazing efforts! A form for ordering the calendars/ cards etc will be coming home today.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Shadows and the sun.

This term for Inquiry we are looking at how we live in a world of interacting systems. As part of  this we have been observing how changes in the shape and size of shadows are caused by changes in the relative positions of the Sun and Earth. 
On Friday we went outside to track the 'movement' of the sun, and the resultant effect on our shadows.

We started by drawing around our shadows just after 9, and then returned to the same place just after 11, after lunch, and again just before  3. We had to be careful to make sure we stood in the same place each time and label the shadows that appeared so we could see what was happening.

It was also a good chance to practise working cooperatively as we needed to work with a buddy to get our shadow drawn. 

Where's the sun now? 
Whats happened to our shadow?

Creation Station takes off!

As part of our daily programme we have had a making table or 'Creation Station' set up in the classroom. Here the children are given the opportunity to work independently on a task of their choosing. Provided at the station is paper, card, string, cellotape, staples, scissors, rulers, pencils, glue, ice block sticks, match sticks etc- along with some instructions for things they could make. The children have to read and follow the instructions, measure, problem solve, modify, and in many cases work alongside someone else to achieve their goal. It has proved to be a wonderful opportunity for them to work on fine motor skills as well with all the cutting and drawing involved.

Alongside our class shop and  kitchen, our Creation Station has proved to be a very popular space for lots of learning. Here's just a few of the things that have been made.